About Playa Venao

Playa Venao is an up-and-coming beach destination and surf spot that had once been one of Panama’s best-kept secrets. Until about 20 years ago, the only roads to the beach were dirt roads, and locals will tell you stories of spending upwards of 10 hours getting there in search of surf and snacking on handmade ceviche made by local fishermen. The area has always been home to ranchers and fishermen, but there had been no actual “town” at this beach until about 10 years ago, when a group of investors fell in love with the area and opened beachfront hotels and restaurants.

Over the past decade, tourism to the beach town Playa Venao, as well as immigration of expats & retirees to Pedasi, has steadily increased.

This area exposure has allowed nearby Cañas to appreciate in value as a residential center and launch pad for tourist activities.


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  • Year-round surf

    Several inshore surf breaks in the area, including monster breaks that have topped 30 feet.

  • Area attractions

    Offshore islands reachable by boat featuring white sandy beaches, aqua-colored waters, coral reefs, and drop-off dives.

    Record size Black Marlin, Yellow Fin Tuna, Pacific Sailfish,
    Wahoo, monster Snapper, Mahi Mahi, Sea Bass, Grouper, to name
    a few, inhabit these waters within a 30 minute boat ride.

    The local island community of Isla Cañas is 15 minutes by boat, which features a national sanctuary of four types of endangered sea turtles, and an expansive mangrove forest.

    Whales and their pups migrate through the area for four months
    out of the year offering majestic sightings.

  • Ideal environment

    75 to 85 degrees (24-30 C) all year round.

    Hurricane free zone.

    Located away from major fault lines.

    Clean air and living.

    Low crime

    4 hrs to Houston. 5.5 hrs to NYC (closer than LA!).

  • Undervalued

    Playa Venao & Cañas are most often compared to its neighbor Costa Rica, where beach resort Tamarindo’s land value trades 3x Playa Venao’s (more than 10x Cañas), despite its poor infrastructure (dirt roads vs Panama’s
    auto highways), lack of safety (petty
    crime is rampant), political corruption,
    and currency risk (CR uses Colón vs
    Panama $USD).

  • Legal ownership

    Unlike many places in the world, Panama allows for and actually encourages foreign ownership of property and investment. And, unlike developed countries, obtaining building regulations and permits are less bureaucratic.

    Foreigners are allowed to officially own titled property either in their name, foundation, or in a corporation.

    The property surveys of titled land is officially registered with the Public Registry, and the transference of land deeds are managed there as well, which is legally binding

  • Dedicated team

    Our locally-based, multinational team brings many years of expertise and local knowledge, as well as key networks within in Panama.

Media Coverage

Video clips by filmmakers and other coverage about the area

Area Overview

Distance from Panama City to Playa Venao

Playa Venao is located on the southern tip of the Azuero Peninsula, a 4.5 hour drive from the city. Chartered planes can directly get to the area in 30 minutes, while commercial flights operate 7 days a week to Chitre. Both Playa Venao and Cañas are located along the national highway.



The growth of the area as a tourist destination





Further information about Playa Venao is available on the community website, Viva Venao.