Venao West

Developer Partnership Opportunity

Cañas, Panama


A Perfect Partnership Opportunity for a Developer

A perfect partnership opportunity for a developer to buy into a fully-planned and permitted pre-development project.

Venao West is a sophisticated, green community spanning 410 acres (185 hectares), nestled between lush green hills and tropical forestry containing a wide variety of wildlife, trees, waterfalls, a river, and with a view of the deep blue Pacific. It is located across a local village equipped with markets and a marina.

The project comes with government-approved permits, a master plan, and HOA bylaws, as well as electricity, roads, water, and WiFi — basically 3.5 years of planning/infrastructural groundwork!

Venao West will be the area’s only full-scale community development.

* Plans for shops, a clubhouse, space for events and athletic activities
* Residents can choose between a host of options including ocean and valley-view lots
* All lots a short drive to the beach

Buy in pieces or in entirety. Ready to develop. A perfect opportunity for a developer.

Venao West Master Plan
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    Woodside: residential lots between 4000-10,000 m2 with view of the ocean
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    Low-density residential area, concept of cabins in the forest with green trails and lake view
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    Lakeside/Riverside: Residential complex of 400-600 sqm with lake/river view, located close to recreational/commercial areas, green trails.
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    Touristic/recreational area: zipline, area where travelers can have direct connection with nature. Restaurants, spa, services.
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    Canas River, artificial lake with a "beach" for sport & rec activities (baseball, tennis, playgrounds), bicycle trails, boating, with lakefront commercial space. Restaurants, mini markets, shops, culture, schools, hospital buidlings.
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    Hilltop area designed for hotel with views
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    Green areas designated for nature preservation
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    Hillside: residential buildings of 4 floors with lake/beach view, green trails and close to commercial area. Complete with lookout
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    Woodside: 1500-2000 sqm residential lots

Development Partnership Opportunity

4.87x opportunity over 5 years

A one-of-a-kind partnership opportunity


Price: $14.5mm
Estimated Input Cost: $5mm
Development Area: 185 hectares (410 acres)
Sellable Units: 250
Projected Sales: $95mm


Buy in entirety ($14.5mm) or in phases from $2mm++.


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Master Plan Highlights

A Green Community: Tourism, Commercial, and Residential Center
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Modern Development

Ecologically Sustainable and Responsible

The primary foundation of Venao West is creating a sustainable environment for the community. To achieve this, environmental analysis is taken into consideration to address the location’s long dry seasons. Through conscious reforestation and rainwater harvesting, the project will have a regenerative, lush, and evergreen landscape, as well as a rich biodiverse ecosystem.
* Reforestation & Edible Forest
* Water Management & Harvesting
* Urban Mobility

Commercial Zone

Lakefront restaurants and shops

Located in the central lowlands, the area will feature the community’s social, commercial, and sports activities. Clubhouse, soccer/multipurpose fields, swimming pools, children’s playground —all surrounded by lush vegetation, A boulevard that surrounds the naturally-treated lake hosts restaurants, shops, outdoor markets to serve residents as well as outside visitors. Simple eco-designed buildings and open areas integrate with the landscape surrounding the community.



Wood Side House has three levels and a rooftop terrace, with a view of the sea, as well as beautiful mountain scenery. The main concept was to enjoy nature and the wide open spaces. The first two floors feature a double-height living room, dining area, bathroom and an open kitchen overlooking the mountains and the sea.


Apartments and Condos

A 4-level apartment complex that integrates perfectly with the topography of the mountain side, using landscape views as part of its architectural composition. It includes 3 tipologies of apartments from 1 to 3 bedroom, a master bedroom with walk-in closet and bathroom, powder room for guests, maid’s room, comfortable kitchen, living and dining room with panoramic views and a beautiful large terrace with a barbecue area and swimming pool.


Single family home has two levels with a total of 150-300 sqm, overlooking and access to the water canals and beautiful views to the main lake. Wide open spaces. The ground floor features a double-height living room, dining area, bathroom and open kitchen overlooking the water canals, as well as access to a large pool and terrace.


Tourist accommodation

“Stay among the treetops” is the main inspiration of Treehouse, which is located on a slope between a lush forest area guaranteed to offer peace and tranquility, in a natural setting and with a privileged view . A simple program of an open space that integrates a bedroom, living room, wide kitchen and comfortable bathroom makes for a unique stay. The views are accentuated by cantilevered balconies and terraces.

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